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NoHo Stages
4930 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601



Joseph Demby: Child Wallace: (Man) A young precocious 8 year old, Early Teen Wallace: (Man) A 13 year old heading into the awkward stage

Tripp Pettigrew-Rolapp: Teen Wallace: (Man) A 16 year old heading into the ‘dark’ phase, College Wallace: (Man) A college freshman who tries just a little too hard to impress girls

Courtney Bell: Mother: (Woman) Introverted and distant, suicidal, Wendy: (Woman) A skanky ho

Camille Campbell: Grandmother: (Woman) Snarky yet maternal, obsessed with remembering dead people

Brisa Freitas: Victoria: (Woman) An 8 year old empathetic friend, then a 13 year old turning into a more-than-friend

Meghan Allison: Lili: (Woman) An artsy college girl

Liz Uhl Sarah: (Woman) An intellectual 16 year old bordering on nerdy

Nicole Davey: Psychiatrist: (Woman) A rational sounding board,

Jeni Incontro Nina: (Woman) Girl next door, Stage Directions



A coming-of-age one-act about a boy who stumbles in his interactions with women – from his psychiatrist, to his grandmother, to his childhood friend, and his lovers –  following his mother’s suicide.

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