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02/01 – Prepare for Impact


THIS WEEK, we’ll be reading our first new work of 2012, Prepare For Impact by New York playwright, Chris Widney. This comedy takes place in various locations around around Kokomo, Indiana when an Iraq War veteran returns home and decides to make a little money selling his version of a “Blanket Of Security” in the heart of America. The reading will take place Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm at NoHo Stages 4930 Lankershim, North Hollywood, 91601.

Johnny Mize: (Travis Riner) 27. Indiana farm boy. War veteran who got half his foot shot off in Iraq. Handsome. Cynical. Ambitious.
Kelly Bricker: (Jeni Incontro) 25. Beautiful – “trophy wife” beautiful. If she is miserable inside she does a great job of hiding it. Kelly is on a mission to be the best wife ever. She is perky, peppy, volunteers for everything and always looks great.

Charles Bricker: (John Ross Clark) 70. Kelly’s husband. Retired multi-millionaire. Republican. Conservative. Still handsome and fit. Strong-willed. Opinionated but cool like a politician.

Crystal Jones: (Emily Clark Simpson) 15. Kelly’s Sister. Hates everything. A gangly, disheveled mess who is much prettier than she knows. Crystal thinks she’s the smartest person in the room and probably is. She can be surprisingly charming and verbal when she wants something.

Vijay Ganeshwaran: (Oscar Gubelman) 24. Indian descent. Born in Gary, Indiana. No accent. Eager. Hard working. Hungry.


Control Tower Gal: (Courtney Bell)  30. No nonsense woman in charge. Thick, nasal, Indiana accent. She takes pride in her job.

Stage Directions: Amy Bartlett

Wednesday is gonna rock! Bring yourself, bring a friend

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