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02/15 – Boeing Boeing


THIS WEEK, we will be reading Boeing Boeing, a fantastic farce.  The reading will take place on Wednesday, February 15th at 7pm at 4930 Lankershim.  Come up to 30 minutes before the reading and we’ll get going!

Boeing Boeing is set in 1960s Paris and revolves around a playboy who juggles his three flight-attendant fiancees and tries to keep them from finding out about the others.  But, when the new, faster Boeing jet is introduced, his juggling gets much more difficult.
MENG WEI – Bernard: a bachelor living outside of Paris; a playboy
PAT LENTZ – Bertha: Bernard’s snarky housekeeper
BEN MONTAGUE – Robert: Bernard’s milder, more conventional friend
ERIN SHAW – Jacqueline: Bernard’s French flight attendant fiancee
AMY BARTLETT – Janet: Bernard’s American flight attendant fiancee
LONNI SILVERMAN – Judith: Bernard’s German flight attendant fiancee
MITRA PASHAYI – Stage Directions
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