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3/20 – Three Days of Rain

This week’s reading will be “Three Days of Rain” by Richard Greenberg.  The reading will take place on 03/21/12 at The Rise Above Theatre: Sky Lounge 4930 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood at 7pm.   The cast list is below.  As always, our readings are FREE so feel free to bring friends, have some wine, and check out what Play Club is about.
In the first act, the audience meets Nan, Walker and Pip; Nan and Walker are brother and sister, Pip is their longtime friend. Together they meet in a dusty Manhattan apartment in 1995 and try to solve the mystery of their parents’ personal and professional relationships.

In the second act, each performer plays the parent of his or her character: Lina, a displaced Southern Belle desperate to find artistic and romantic fulfillment in Greenwich Village, circa 1960. Ned, a shy, stuttering young architect trying to make his mark. And Theo, Ned’s brasher and seemingly more talented business partner, who is dating Lina.

Ned’s father has given Ned and Theo’s architectural firm its first major commission, a private house. The planning, construction and fate of the building, which becomes a classic of midcentury modernism, is the hub of the story around which all characters and action revolve.


Walker/Ned: Lucas Alifano

Pip/Theo: Bob Simpson


Nan/Lina: Jeni Incontro


Stage Directions: Tripp Pettigrew-Rolapp

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