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Point Break – 03/28


This Wednesday, March 28th, 7:00pm,  4930 Lankershim (Rise Above Theatre) North Hollywood, we bring you our SCREENPLAY READING of the MONTH.  And it’s a doozy this time…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Play Club is proud to bring you… POINT BREAK.
The 1991 film starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, tells the immortal tale of surfing bank robbers, and the undercover FBI agents who… surf… with them.

Elizabeth Uhl – Receptionist, Miss Deer, Body Shot Girl, Freight Train, Fast Food Lady, Miss Jennings


Travis Riner – FBI Trainer, Nathaniel/Jimmy Carter, Bunker, Surfer 2


Emily Clark – Tyler, Australian Cop 1


John Ross Clark – Angelo Pappas


Meghan Allison – Munoz, Halsey, Fiberglass, Fierce Woman, Mr. Duggan


Tripp Pettigrew – Harp, Pilot, Weatherman


Mack Wei – Kid Salesman (listed as “15” in the script), Surf Rat, Babbit, Jamaican Man, Customer


Tom Allison – Bodhi/Ronald Reagan


Ian Loren – Big Shoulders, Cole, “Psycho Stick” T-Shirt, Warchild


Cody Clark – Rosie, “Passion for Slashin”T-Shirt, Dietz, Orange Salesman, Fat Guard


Oscar Gubelman – Roach/Richard Nixon, Tone, Surfer 1


Carson Higgins – Grommet/Lyndon Johnson, Archbold, Australian Cop 2


Bob Simpson – Johnny Utah


Come join us, have some wine, bring a friend and enjoy the awesomeness

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