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Suburbia – 04/11

HEY THERE! This week’s reading will be “Suburbia” by Eric Bogosian. The reading will take place at 4930 Lankershim Blvd Noho at 7pm on 04/11/12.
From playwright and bestselling author of Notes from the Underground comes a story of high school friends, lingering in Burnfield long after graduation. While some see Burnfield as the suburban ideal of quiet comfort, the suffocating safe world only feeds their frustrations, and a night of drinking and partying careens recklessly toward violence, despair and death.

The Cast is:
Jeff – Carson Higgins
Sooze – Amy Bartlett
Buff – Oscar Gubelman
Tim – Travis James Riner
Bee Bee – Wayra Schreiber
Pony – Ben Montague
Erica – Liz Uhl
Naazer – Meng “Mack” Wei
Pakeesa – Mitra Pashayi Marandi
Stage Directions – Jeni Incontro
Come and join us, bring a friend or bring someone who could be a friend for a great reading, some wine and the teenage hell that is “Suburbia”
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