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This week, Play Club West will be reading the Pulitzer prize winner, Tony Winning, Neil Simon Play – LOST IN YONKERS.  The reading will take place on Wednesday, June 13th at 7 pm at Rise Above Theatre Movement, 4930 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood.




Jay Kurnitz- Ben Montague

Bella- Lisa Dudley

Grandma- Brisa Freitas

Louie- John Ross Clark

Gert- Elizabeth Uhl

Eddie- Tripp Pettigrew-Rolapp

Arty- Mack Wei

Stage Directions – Meghan Allison



Summary: Lost in Yonkers is a coming of age tale that focuses on Jay Kurnitz. In the beginning, Jay’s desperate father, Eddie, works as a traveling salesman to pay off debts incurred following the death of his wife, leaving Jay in the care of his Grandma and Aunt Bella in Yonkers, New York Distraught Jay is also called upon to raise his younger brother Arty. Grandma is a severe, frightfully intimidating immigrant who terrified her children as they were growing up, damaging each of them to varying degrees. Bella is a sweet but mentally slow and highly excitable woman who longs to marry an usher at the local movie house so she can escape the oppressive household and create a life and family of her own. Jay’s uncle Louie is a small-time, tough-talking hoodlum, while his aunt Gert suffers from a breathing problem which is more psychological than physical. Jay must spend a year in the midst of the turmoil throughout the household.

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