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American Psycho 08/15


This Wednesday, August 15th, at 7:30 we will be doing a reading of Bret Easton Ellis’ light-hearted romantic comedy, American Psycho!

American Psycho is a tale of a young, handsome Wall Street  executive, Patrick Bateman, and his struggles to find true love.  In  classic Hollywood whackiness – when he finds out the girl isn’t right  for him…he kills her!  It’s a laugh riot, just like the musical “Oh  Africa, Brave Africa”.

Please remember that this week’s reading starts at 7:30 at the Glendale Community College Black Box theatre at 1500 North Verdugo Road Glendale, CA 91208 (parking is across the street in the structure or open parking lot*).
*Parking is across the street from the school in the parking structure or the open lot, it is free after 6pm (even though it says after 10pm). Park there and walk across the bridge. The theatre building is on your right hand side and we are in the small space inside.



Cody Clark – Luis Carruthers, Man

Bob Simpson – Patrick Bateman

Emily Simpson – Evelyn Williams, Sabrina, Facialist, Libby, Female Chinese Launderer, Woman

Martyn Tyler – Waiter (Pastel’s & Texarkana), Night Watchman, Paul Allen, Harold Carnes

Ben Montague – Timothy Bryce, Male Chinese Launderer

John Ross Clark – Detective Kimball, Stage Directions

Travis Riner – Craig McDermott

AJ Jimenez – David Van Patten

Meghan Allison – Christie, Courtney Rawlinson, Daisy, Solitary Woman, Victoria

George Tretyakov – Stash, Homeless Man, Cop Car, Guy in Stall, Maitre D’, Hamilton

Jeni Incontro – Elizabeth, Jean, Bargirl, Janden, Caron, Mrs. Wolfe

Come on by, bring a friend, We will try not to chop them up with a chainsaw………… I said we would try

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