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7/16 The First Wives Club


This Tuesday, July 16th, we will be reading “The First Wives Club” by Robert Harling.


Three women plot revenge on their two-timing husbands in this 1996 comedy. Brenda (Bette Midler), Elise (Goldie Hawn), and Annie (Diane Keaton) were close friends in college, but 27 years after graduation they’ve lost touch with each other, and it’s not until a mutual friend of the three commits suicide that they meet at the funeral for the first time in years. It seems that their friend grew despondent after her husband left her for a younger woman, and all three find themselves in similar situations. After comparing notes, Brenda, Elise, and Annie decide that it’s time to do something about their problems, and they hatch an elaborate blackmail scheme that will win them control of their ex-husband’s businesses and allow them to do something positive with the money they helped earn.

J.E.T. Studios, Hagen Studio
5126 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood

Tuesday, July 16th

There is metered parking on Lankershim and Magnolia, and after 6:00pm, the meters are FREE. There is a parking lot across from J.E.T. that costs $7, as well as valet parking at numerous restaurants and bars on Magnolia for $5 (Brickyard Pub, Bow & Truss both do valet). You can also find free residential parking on most of the side streets in NoHo. We are also a few blocks down the street from the Metro Red Line (at Lankershim & Chandler).

As always, admission for our weekly table readings is FREE, and there will be wine to purchase for a suggested donation.

MEGHAN ALLISON* – Elise Elliot
EMILY CLARK* – Brenda Cushman
PAT LENTZ* – Gunilla Garson Goldberg, Catherine MacDuggan
AMY BARTLETT* – Shelly Stewart , Jilted Lover, Stage Directions
TRAVIS JAMES RINER* – Morton Cushman
ANNA BOWEN – Cynthia Swann Griffin , Kathie Lee Gifford, Gloria Steinem
ANDY KENAREKI* – Bill Atchison
BOB SIMPSON* – Aaron Paradis
CAITLIN REILLY* – Phoebe LaVelle, Ivana Trump, Elise’s Fan, Miss Sullivan
JENI INCONTRO* – Dr Leslie Rosen, Chris’ Friend
BEN MONTAGUE* – Duarto Feliz, Mohammed, Eric Loest, Man in Bed, Auctioneer, Mr. Christian
TIFFANY BRAIN – Chris Paradis, Karen, Maurice (the bartender)
JOHN ROSS CLARK* – Dr. Morris Packman, Uncle Carmine Morelli
SEKOU BARROW – Jason Cushman, Gilbert Griffin, Mark Loest, Brett Artounian
DONNA NOELLE IBALE – Theresa, Newscaster, Gil Griffin’s new wife, Woman in Bed, Ed Koch

*Play Club West BOARD/VIP

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