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7/1 Heathers


TONIGHT, JULY 1st we will be kicking off our screenplay month with the 1988 classic, HEATHERS by Daniel Waters.


A regular girl, Veronica, tries to survive the social jungle of high school by sticking with the three most popular girls at school who are all called Heather. As she meets a sociopath named JD, her life spirals into a continuous cycle of hate, unintentional murder and indifference, as she exacts revenge on her enemies, also known as her best friends.

The Complex, Dorie Theatre
6476 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood 90038

Tuesday, July 1st

Please try to be on time by taking into account Rush Hour Traffic and Parking. There is metered parking in the area, and after 6:00pm, the meters are FREE. Parking is usually more available North of Santa Monica, on surrounding streets like Wilcox and Lexington.

As always, admission for our weekly table readings is FREE, and there will be wine to purchase for a suggested donation.

HEIDI KENDRICK* – Veronica Sawyer
JORDAN MORRIS – J.D. (Jason Dean)
EMILY CLARK* – Heather Mcnamara, Milner
MEGHAN ALLISON* – Heather Chandler, All Out Nerd, Squealing Girl, Braces, DJ, Stage Directions
AMY BARTLETT* – Heather Duke, McCord
TRAVIS JAMES RINER* – Ram, Dennis, Geek With Braces, Clyde, David, Big Bud Dean, Stage Directions
ANDY KENAREKI* – Kurt Kelly, Big Cynic. Matt, Brad, Male Student, Mr. Kelly, Troubled Male Voice
CHARLENE WARD – Pauline Fleming, Keith, Jackie
MICHELLE TALLEY* – Betty Finn, Martha, Female Stoner, Principal Gowen
MARK HEIN – Father Ripper, Peter, Steve, Dad, Gruff Teacher
ELIZABETH CRON – Courtney, Rodney, Mom, Mrs. Chandler, Counselor Hyde

*Play Club West BOARD/VIP

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