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3/31 A Thurber Carnival


This Tuesday, MARCH 31st, we will be reading A THURBER CARNIVAL by James Thurber.


A THURBER CARNIVAL is a revue by James Thurber, adapted by the author from his stories, cartoons and casuals, nearly all of which originally appeared in The New Yorker. Winner of a special Tony Award and first performed in New York by Tom Ewell, Peggy Cass, Paul Ford and Alice Ghostley, these sketches of humorous scenes from American life include some of Thurber’s most celebrated and insightful satires: “The Night the Bed Fell,” “Gentlemen Shoppers,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and the unforgettable “File and Forget” in which Thurber recounts his famous correspondence with various publishers who ship him books which he doesn’t want and never ordered. 

The Complex, Dorie Theatre
6476 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood 90038

Tuesday, March 31st

Please try to be on time by taking into account Rush Hour Traffic and Parking. There is metered parking in the area, and after 7:00pm, the meters are FREE. Parking is usually more available North of Santa Monica, on surrounding streets like Wilcox and Lexington.

As always, admission for our weekly table readings is FREE, and there will be wine to purchase for a suggested donation.

JOHN ROSS CLARK* – Grant, He, Anderson, The Pet Counsellor, James Thurber, Walter Mitty, Narrator
STEPHAN EARLY* – Father, Man, Wolf, Lee, Darrel Darke, Bailey, Preble, Clint Jordan, John, Secretary Bird, Mr. Pritchard-Mitford, The Leader
HERMAN POPPE* – Psychiatrist, Lee’s Staff Man, Visitor, Westwater, H. F. Cluffman, Owl, Dr. Renshaw
JEROME ST. JEROME – Narrator, Officer, Announcer, Mole, Lt. Berg, Dr. Remington
LUCAS ALIFANO* – Wolf, Policeman, Shultz, Mole, Clothes Moth, First Voice, Dr. Benbow
PAT LENTZ* – Mother, Mrs. Preble, Mrs. Mitty, Narrator
EMILY CLARK* – Salesgirl, Miss Whittaker, Jeanette Gaines, Nellie
MEGHAN ALLISON* – She, Narrator, Miss Alma Winege, Lou
CHRISTY BELL – Daughter, Girl, Miss Wynne, Luna Moth
AMY BARTLETT* – Little Girl, Miss Daley, Bargirl, Nurse
JORI STERN – Miss Bagley, Red Fox

*Play Club West BOARD/VIP

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