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7/19 A Mighty Wind


This TUESDAY, JULY 19th, we will be reading the 2003 film A MIGHTY WIND by Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy.


A MIGHTY WIND is a 2003 American mockumentary comedy film about a folk music reunion concert in which three folk bands reunite for a television performance for the first time in decades. The film was directed, co-written and composed by Christopher Guest. The film is thought to reference the 2003 tribute concert to folk music producer Harold Leventhal that reunited several of the folk groups that Leventhal had managed. More broadly, the film is a parody of the American folk music revival of the early 1960s and its personalities. Guest co-stars and reunites many of his company of actors from “This Is Spinal Tap,” “Waiting for Guffman,” and “Best in Show” for this film.

The Complex, Dorie Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood 90038

Tuesday, July 19th

Please try to be on time by taking into account Rush Hour Traffic and Parking. There is metered parking in the area, and after 7:00pm, the meters are FREE. Parking is usually more available North of Santa Monica, on surrounding streets like Wilcox and Lexington.

As always, admission for our weekly table readings is FREE, and there will be wine to purchase for a suggested donation.

DAN AMES – Mark Shubb/Johnny/Deputy Mayor
CHRISTY BELL* – Jonathan Steinbloom/Leonard Crabbe/Newscaster
GAYLE BLUEMEL – David Kantor/Assistant/Matt
CODY CLARK* – Mitch Cohen/Tony/Wally Fenton
EMILY CLARK* – Alan Barrows/Jerald/Amber Cole
JOHN ROSS CLARK* – Jerry Palter/George Menschen/Martin Berg
CHRISTINE CRONIN* – Sean Halloran/Lawrence E. Turpin/Elliott Steinbloom
PAMELA EBERHARDT – Mickey Crabbe/Mike LaFontaine/Blues Musician
AZADUI SAFO* – Laurie Bohner/Naomi Steinbloom/Lars Olfen
SUNSHINE SMITH – Sissy Knox/Dr. Mildred Wickes/Announcer
BRIAN SNYDER – Terry Bohner/Steve Lang/TV Director

*Play Club West VIP

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