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8/30 Drop Dead Gorgeous


This Tuesday, AUGUST 30th, our weekly cold readings FINALLY return! This week it’s the 1999 mockumentary film DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, written by Lona Williams.


DROP DEAD GORGEOUS is a 1999 American dark comedy film directed by Michael Patrick Jann and starring Kirstie Alley, Ellen Barkin, Denise Richards, Brittany Murphy, Kirsten Dunst, and Amy Adams in her film debut. Shot in a mockumentary format, it follows the contestants in a beauty pageant called the Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant, held in the small fictional town of Mount Rose, Minnesota in which various contestants begin to die in suspicious ways.

The Complex, Dorie Theatre
6476 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood 90038

Tuesday, August 30th

Please try to be on time by taking into account Rush Hour Traffic and Parking. There is metered parking in the area, and after 7:00pm, the meters are FREE. Parking is usually more available North of Santa Monica, on surrounding streets like Wilcox and Lexington.

As always, admission for our weekly table readings is FREE, and there will be wine to purchase for a suggested donation.

MEGHAN ALLISON* – Amber Atkins, Tina, Pregnant Fry Girl
EMILY CLARK* – Becky Leeman, Colleen, Female Reporter #2
TERESA WAXER – Loretta, Fry Girl #1, Janelle Betz, Terry, Female Prisoner
AZO SAFO* – Annette, Mary Johnson, Female Mourner # 1, Leslie Miller, Cathy
SAM COFFMAN – Hank Vilmes, Adam West, Pat, Brett, Tammy Curry, Rocker Kid #2, Twin Officer #2
STEPHAN EARLY* – Elderly Man/Mayor, Lester Leemen, Molly Holward, Pastor, Mr. Melchoir, Super, Male Reporter
CHRISTY BELL* – Gladys Leeman, Iona Hilderbrandt, Chloris, Jean Kangas, Miss Minneapolis
KATE PURNELL* – Iris Clark, Twin Officer #2, Lisa Swenson, Connie, Tess, Female Reporter #1
CHRISTINE CRONIN* – Male Pageant Announcer, Harold Vilmes, Mrs Howard, Tony, Rocker Kid #1, Scott
ABBEY VEFFER – Mr. Howard, Documentarian, Twin Officer #1, John, Mr. Larson, Fireman #1

*Play Club West VIP

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